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GATE 2021-2022
"SPARKS OF GENIUS: The Power of Beginnings"
GATE Facilitator: Mrs. Rivers
Our GATE Students are
We had 5 students that were chosen to receive our GATE Exemplary Ribbons for Overall Exemplary Work and Participation. Click on the links below to see their work. 
Priscilla A. 5th Grade
Zulma B. 5th Grade
Kody G. 4th Grade
Antonella DL 5th Grade
Alondra H, 5th Grade
We also had a total of 12 students nominated to have their work entered to compete for a trophy at this year's GATE Showcase to be held on Monday, May 23rd @5pm at the PAC in Baldwin Park! Good luck to ALL of our nominees! (Click on links below to see their nominated work)!

The GATE program last year serviced 33 students in grades 3rd - 5th under the direction of Mrs. Rivers.   Each academic school year students focus on a specific theme. This year the theme was "SPARKS OF GENIUS: The Power of Beginnings".

During the study sessions, students engaged in extensive study of different intellectual people and how their interests were "sparked" as children. See slide below for more details of who we studied.


Please see below for Virtual GATE Parent Meeting Dates for the 2021-2022 school year.
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Here is a link to the Parent Meetings for 2021-2022
Be sure to see our GATE students Exemplary Work Nominations for this year's GATE SHOWCASE. (Click on the drop down menu triangle to view them).