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General Education Transportation

If you would like your child to take the bus to school, a form must be completed and turned into the office. 

Students will be transported only after the following steps are completed.

  1. Application is turned into the office. 
  2. The office turns in the application to the Transportation Dept. 
  3. Application is approved by the Transportation Dept. 
  4. Student is assigned bus stop, bus time and bus pass
  5. Studens without a valid bus pass will be denied (students without a bus pass will be offered a one time pm transportation, if student name is on the transporation list)
  6. No temporary bus pass will be offered (replacement cards will be available for cost of $10.00)
  7. Click here for more informatation on transportation 


  • Students must present their valid bus pass daily to the bus driver, each time they board the bus, both morning and afternoon. Children without a valid bus pass will be denied transportation services.
  • If a student’s application is not processed before the first day of school they will not have a bus pass therefore will not be able to board the bus until the application is approved and a bus pass is issued.