Fifth Grade » Letter to a Pre-Scientist

Letter to a Pre-Scientist

The 5th grade class at Tracy had the opportunity to join the Letters to a Pre-Scientist program that aims to highlight STEM careers and empower all students to see themselves as future scientists. They do this through a pen pal program that matches students with STEM professionals whose field matches the students interests.


Students get an engaging cross-curricular experience where they improve their reading and writing skills while broadening their understanding of science and geography. It is truly a unique and rewarding experience for Tracy 5th grade students.

Students wrote letters to their scientists in late October and then waited as the letters came in

by snail mail from around the world.

On January 15th all the letters had finally arrived and the

excitement of letter opening day was amazing.

Each student received letters with pictures explaining their pen pals STEM fields and

their college experience.